A List Of The Best Dissertation Topics On Marketing For MBA Students


A dissertation paper is an important assignment in the life of any graduate or post-graduate student. While an undergraduate program teaches all the necessary skills for the professional life ahead, it is the MBA program that polishes those skills and students are given real-life scenarios to tackles those skills. One of the most popular ways to examine an MBA student makes them write a dissertation because it requires the combination of thorough research, skills and patience which is the ultimate requirement of top companies. However, choosing a topic can be a bit tricky because a good topic is not the one which interests you but it's the one on which you have vast knowledge and expertise on. However, if you're still tricky on what topic to write then today is you're lucky day because in this article I will post a list of the best and easiest topics you can write on and get your MBA degree.

The List:

The topics are as follows:

  1. The Buying Behavior of Consumers
  2. Latest Trends in Internet Marketing
  3. Global Marketing
  4. The effectiveness of Test Marketing?
  5. Retention of Customers?
  6. Effects of Media Advertisement on Children
  7. Customer Relationship Management
  8. Brand Personality and Values
  9. Attitudes and Lifestyle of Target Market
  10. International Marketing and its feasibility
  11. Direct and Digital Marketing
  12. Consumer Satisfaction
  13. How loyal are customers to FMCG brands?
  14. Measuring Potential of a market
  15. Differentiating a Product from its competitors
  16. Different types of positioning and their analysis
  17. Types of Pricing
  18. Using Gestalt Psychology in Marketing
  19. Differential Threshold and just Noticeable Difference (JND)
  20. Ambush Marketing in Shopping Malls, Is it effective?
  21. Bad Publicity a Good Marketing Strategy?
  22. Social Media marketing and its consequences?
  23. Does a Good Marketing Campaign lead to increased Revenue?
  24. Dealing with Customers and Relation Customer management
  25. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities a good marketing ploy?


As you can see that this is a comprehensive list of some of the easiest topics to which you can find and gather huge chunks of data and easily get all the information you need to write a well written and versed dissertation that will leave your teacher speechless and you will be able to make a name for yourself. Also, these topics are interesting and will lead to increased knowledge that is the ultimate goal.