The Most Amazing Dissertation Topics In Finance And Economics

Over the years Finance and Economics have evolved out to be crucial academic subjects in addressing major socio-economic issues across the globe. Several scholars have time and again claimed that the ‘real world’ problems can be addressed and resolved only through a positive revolution that is brought about by the better financial and economic condition, it isn’t entirely apocryphal in this materialistic world. Financial and Economical state of affairs of the world is not only worldly but also dynamic, it is always moving, and therefore the dissertation topics you choose must comply with the evolving world, it must be fresh and one-of-a-kind.


  1. How does privatization affect the profitability and capital employment in state owned businesses?
  2. A comparative study of microfinance institutions and banks and entrepreneurial skills
  3. Factors responsible for individual investor behavior: case study involving stock exchange
  4. A review on the relationship between capital spending and cash flow in pharmaceutical companies
  5. Assessment of the roles World Trade Center play in the financial market worldwide
  6. A comparison between domestic and foreign banks: Evaluation of profitability of banks in today’s world
  7. How does interest rate effect share price?
  8. Analysis of cross-border investment issues and risks and new laws that prevent breakdowns in the financial market


  1. Can entrepreneurial attitude be traded abroad? Does emigration bring in a cultural shift in the entrepreneurial attitudes?
  2. Assessment of the reasons behind the growth of 50 IT firms in certain parts of the world: a quantitative approach
  3. Analysis of the socio-economical reasons behind the broadening of the gap between the rich and the poor
  4. How can cultural mix augment the productivity and efficiency in creative industries involving writing, acting etc. What are the effects the cultural diversity is going to bring about?
  5. Strategies used to salvage a fallen economic condition of a particular place that had undergone cessation of a major company
  6. An economical step: Private network facilitates small businesses or startups
  7. Impact brought about by technological innovation have on unemployment: A case study and an analysis of a manufacturing industry
  8. What are the roles that private equity and debt market in the finances have over small and medium enterprises

Now that you have acquainted yourself with a number of ideas, you can now apply these financial and economical essay topics to a specific region and/or industry or company, of your choice.