A List Of Unique Dissertation Example Topics To Write About

Writing a whole dissertation from scratch may seem extremely hard to you. You just cannot imagine yourself producing such a big paper – probably over 100 pages – all by yourself. You are not quite right – you will get through this. But the hard part won’t start with actual writing – the preparation won’t be that easy as well. And the first hard thing you will get to will be choosing your topic – the main are of your study you will have to devote your whole life to for the next few years. So choose wisely!

A list of dissertation topics for you to use.

Advising on a topic is hard if you don’t know the exact area of study. We’ve gathered a list of possible topics on a few most popular subjects, so you could find something useful for yourself.

  1. Sociology
    • The state of welfare and the influence of it on the modern poverty levels.
    • An analysis of influence of elderly population on the welfare state of the nation on the example of United States of America.
    • The critique of adult-only materials from a perspective of feminists.
    • A study of attendance level of Sunday schools and its influence on modern religion.
  2. Health
    • The analysis of 2015 governmental health programs: good and bad for average citizens.
    • Free healthcare in Canada and Australia: is there a way for US to get there? A comparison of health care systems.
    • What can we learn from effects of ban of smoking and how do we implement the knowledge by restricting alcohol consumption.
  3. Marketing
    • A comparative analysis of Pepsi and Coca-Cola: how two similar brands manage to stay on the market successfully.
    • How did personal debt become so acceptable by the society: the exploration of marketing approaches.
  4. Education.
    • Effects of scholarships for high school students (based on grades and attendance) on the example of Norway high schools.
    • Should deaf and blind children be educated with those of their kind or will it be health to introduce them to average kids society.

These are, of course, by far not all the subjects it is possible to cover. If you did not find your subject on the list, you can at least get an impression of what your topic shall look like and what is the proper language to use for creating the topic for your dissertation.