4 Great Methods To Compose A Dissertation About Art History

Art history is an interesting subject to write a dissertation on. However, this task is rather complex, so not all students manage to succeed and get good grades for their works. Fortunately, there are methods that you can use to increase the chance of earning a high score.

Ways to Write a Better Art History Dissertation

  1. Pick an interesting topic.
  2. Completing your task will take a lot of time. If the topic of your paper will be boring, you’ll quickly get tired of your project. An exciting topic, on the other hand, will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the entire process of creating your paper. If you cannot generate an outstanding idea for your academic paper alone, you may ask for your professor’s advice on this matter.

  3. Conduct your research thoroughly.
  4. You should spend a lot of time gathering and analyzing information before you move on to writing your paper. You may use your university library and a great variety of online databases to find proper sources on which to base your study. Your professor should know what books and authors you should look for, so consult them before you start your analysis.

  5. Write following an outline.
  6. The structure of your dissertation will be more solid if you plan the contents of its chapters ahead. You aren’t obligated to begin writing starting with an introduction, however. If it’s easier for you, you may complete body chapters, like methodology and results, first. The main idea is to follow your outline for each chapter so that each important detail will be mentioned in your text.

  7. Format and edit your document properly.
  8. Your paper should be formatted strictly according to the requirements stated by your professor. Also, you shouldn’t submit your paper if it might contain grammar mistakes and typos. To play it safe, you may ask a professional editor to look through your document and correct your mistakes. This option might cost you some money, but it’ll also save your time that can be spent preparing for your defense.

Tips to Successfully Prepare for Your Dissertation Defense

Defending your paper successfully is equally important to writing it properly. To succeed, you should create a decent slide presentation and compose a speech that will be synchronized with it. It’s important to practice regularly before your defense to feel confident in front of your committee. Be ready to answer questions related to your topic that some committee members may ask during your speech.