Management Dissertation Ideas – 22 Potential Topics

Management dissertations commonly consolidate several topics that cover different facets of business studies. What is more, many a time, writing this form of paper involves questions like how to sufficiently report the results of research or how to report the specifications of the design. Thereupon, the former part serves as a reliable reference source in order to guide the writer along the process.

Needless to say, management is a broad topic to write about. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why it is regarded as a profound topic to work on. In actuality, there are lots of possible subject matters that you can discuss; however, take in mind that such topic requires a great amount of careful research.

Here are some of the potential topics you can consider:

  1. A Comparison of the Efficacy of Customer Loyalty Programs
  2. How can corporate policies as well as practices greatly improve company competitiveness?
  3. What are the pros and cons of management tendency to appeal to and recruit people hinged on traits similar to the founded organizational patterns of culture or behavior?
  4. Flattery or Promotion: the use of titles as rewards in a period of financial restraint
  5. Can poor selection processes be modified with the help of training and development?
  6. What is the linkage between the national culture and the engagement to organizational culture?
  7. Stakeholder involvement in the administration of charitable institutions that employs less than employing fewer than 100 employees
  8. Is technological innovation the primary solution to survive tumultuous times?
  9. The Strategies for Managing Diverse Work Patterns Synchronically
  10. Evaluating considerations of the objectives of stakeholder in the strategic business process and how this differs between diverse cultures?
  11. Administering creative deviance without the need to compromise respect for authority
  12. Does training and development absolutely impact on the bottom line?
  13. How can financial institutions improve global connectivity with business customers?
  14. What organizational modifications are necessary for financial services companies to remain lucrative?
  15. Does motivated work force maximize productivity?
  16. How does organizational approach to change and corporate entrepreneurship training interventions affect the performance of workers?
  17. In which organizational systems as well as processes can financial services companies best utilize management information systems?
  18. Can line a manager go in for Human Resource policies or does it weaken the practice?
  19. The innovation relationship between market outcome and organization operational capabilities.
  20. Can the Human Resource function often drive change?
  21. Understanding the role of project management approaches to maximize the success rates of company project
  22. Keeping up with change, how do firms cope with change?