Creating A Good Dissertation Proposal In Management In An Hour

Sometimes being under a time limit pressure can be a good thing. If you have to create a good dissertation proposal in management and do so in 60 minutes, then that will focus your concentration. Once you know what is required in your good dissertation proposal, going about its preparation in such a short time is really a good test and exercise.

You can achieve success if you answer the following questions. Remember you are trying to convince someone, or several people, that your proposed dissertation is a worthy one. It is so worthy it should definitely be written and by you. So to get things done in next to no time, concentrate on these points.

  1. What is your specific theme or question?
  2. What issues will you explore?
  3. What's the theory or philosophy behind your dissertation?
  4. What will be the expected outcomes or results of your work?

Now these topics will keep you on track. Don't add any other questions or issues. Just stick to these four items. If you answer fully and with interesting and proven facts, you will do two things.

  • You will complete your proposal in sixty minutes and
  • You will produce something of quality

Remember it's a task of convincing people who almost certainly know a lot more than you do. Be prepared for their expertise by keeping things simple and following the guidelines of the four points or questions listed above.

It’s obviously something you’ve been thinking about for some time. But brainstorming is not necessarily the way to go in this instance. You know your chosen topic and you’ve done some research to confirm your choice of topic. Now you want a point by point analysis of what you’re going to spruik.

This is a vive voce presentation so having clear notes is essential. The best preparation for making your proposal is to rehearse. Pretend you are in the room telling your tutors or professors about your proposed dissertation. Have a friend listen and crit your presentation. Have a friend ask random questions which are related to your proposal. The more situations you can put yourself in the better.

Be prepared to speak off the cuff both in your proposal and in answering questions. The more you know your topic, the more likely you are to persuade those who decide these things that your dissertation should be written.