List Of 12 Topics For Your PhD Thesis Paper On History

Your thesis paper in PhD matters more to you than anyone else. And you have all the power to add as much meaning to it as you wish. But there could still be some complications that you may need to address. Some of it lies in the fact that there are several issues which need to be highlighted as and when you are looking for it. But before anything else, you will have to get a hang of the topics of the custom research papers that you are supposed to deal with.

The ideal topic for the paper

The ideal topic of a PhD paper should have some distinct qualities. Some of these include:

  • The ability to relate to the interest of the reader
  • Clearly convey the scope of the paper
  • Give away the expected length of the thesis
  • Instill a sense of confidence in the readers
  • Take out hesitations that may exist in the minds of editors

If you can meet all these with one topic, chances are you have a good topic already. Reading through topics also helps. Here are some topics that you may consider.

12 interesting PhD paper topics

  1. What is the native religion of America according to you?
  2. How do you relate to the level of accuracy in wartime histories of the USA?
  3. Examine the 20th century with respect to the two major wars fought in the world
  4. Child labor norms and laws: what is strikingly different about the third world?
  5. Is he current age the Age of propaganda? Explain
  6. The Flood of 1927: What changes occurred in the Mississippi?
  7. The Cold War and the American past that should be forgotten
  8. Should the President of USA publicly apologize for the World War II bombings?
  9. Describe Pearl harbor as it happened
  10. What changed the global shift from British dependence to American alliances?
  11. Describe the Indian struggle for independence and the role of Gandhi
  12. How have political figures like Gandhi and King influenced new world order?

When you are looking for an attractive paper on history, you can always stretch a tad more in search of the ideal topic. Find the basic ways in which you can level up your knowledge with all that needs to be written. There are also a few ways in which you may influence the understanding of your readers. You will know of these as you write the paper.