A List Of The Most Interesting Dissertation Topics Related To Finance

If you want to write a dissertation related to finance, there are some major issues that you have to cover before choosing a topic. First, you need to choose a field of research that you are familiar with, and you understand the terminology and major ideas.

If you’ve managed to narrow down your field of interest, next you need to find relevant data and make sure they are available to you. You can find with the help of your professor all the resources you need. When you have done all this, you have to think about the methodology you are going to use. No matter if you are going for an analysis or statistical case study, this has to be thought through, so you won’t end up with a mess.

Here are some great topics to think about:

  1. The Stability of the financial system during the times of crises and war
  2. Monetary stability of the domestic funds related to the national treasury
  3. Financing small entrepreneurship and empowering women
  4. Financial growth of small business through education
  5. Financial games of the major companies that impact small business
  6. Stability and growth of a financial system that is recovering from a crash
  7. Examples through history that prove financial systems can be auto piloted
  8. Most expensive mistakes financial executives made in the recent years
  9. Hedge funds and financial stability of the country
  10. Capital structure and financial recovery for Third World countries
  11. Financial structure in multinational corporation versus the financial structure of a federal country
  12. Important aspects of modern financial theory and what has changed over the last century
  13. Transparent financial politics in democratic systems versus socialistic country of plenty
  14. Most significant crashes of the financial structure of Europe in the last century
  15. Cost of helping out small business in a country that is dealing with economic crisis
  16. Important rules of debt and monetarization
  17. Important aspects of funds control in major national companies
  18. Financial impact of nationalization of industrial structures in the countries of the former SSSR
  19. Crisis and the impact it has on the social giving and national pension fund
  20. Important aspects of self-ruled markets that were once governed by the National Treasury of the USA

Once you pick your topic, consult with your mentor and ask him for some fresh ideas. He can also introduce you to an expert in that field, or help you to find all the information you need.