Selection Of 12 Dissertation Topics About Health Visiting

We don’t all go on to get our doctorates, by the ones that do are able to manage a lot of difficult academic tasks. One such task is the dissertation and it has been known to be a challenge to the best students. This is how it was meant to be, research is a serious venture and it must be done to the highest of standards. For the fresh student, this can take some getting used to.

When writing a dissertation, your choice of topic is just as important as your ability to work with it. Be very careful not to select a topic that will only ruin you and believe me a bad topic choice can. A topic must be both interesting and fun to work with, as well as within your practical capabilities. Consider this list of 12 dissertation topics about health visiting.

  1. What are the effects of having a male nurse attend to the delivery of a baby? Can this difference in gender affect the woman's ability to effectively deliver the child?
  2. What are the most troubling issues faced by health visitors practicing in developing countries?
  3. Do persons have the ability to properly check the authenticity of the qualification presented by a health visitor?
  4. In a world with increasing gender manipulation in both sexes, is it possible that this will soon affect health practice qualification requirements for professionals working on call?
  5. What are the advantages of having a home delivery supervised by a qualified, practicing nurse?
  6. In a disaster situation, should it be the choice of the victim to decide whether or not they wish to receive medical attention from a professional due to personal reasons?
  7. How is the safety of a visiting doctor assured when working in unfamiliar areas ?
  8. Is sanitation and comfort taken into enough consideration when a doctor is performing an operation outside of hospital facilities?
  9. The effects of the trauma young children may be faced, with when a visit turns out to be a worse case scenario.
  10. Can a doctor be irreparably traumatized if placed in a situation where they could have saved a person;s life, if the meeting was taking place at a proper hospital with all the facilities, instead of at an outside location?
  11. Should a contagious disease be discovered during a house call, does a health professional have the ability to contain the situation without risking their life?
  12. In what situation is a house call actually necessary?