List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics About American Presidents

America has a long list of interesting presidents. As a United States History major seeking your PhD, you could use one of these characters and their terms as your project topic. It will go far beyond a simple biography, as this project is quite extensive and may take up to a year to complete. Your topic will need to be approved and then you will need to argue the final piece. You will be asked to select a faculty advisor who can guide you through the entire process. When you are searching for a specific idea to make this topic interesting, use our list of interesting topics.

List of Interesting Topics

  • Bush and the Hanging Chads in the state of Florida-what happened and why. Wes the correct decision really made?
  • FDR and his four Terms as a beloved leader in the Worst of Times-why he was loved and what flaws he had.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt and her role as First Lady –was she really more of a leader than her husband.
  • The Reluctant George Washington, or was he Really? Look at this common belief.
  • Why John Adams was too Snobby for the New America-why did the new Patriots hate him?
  • How War has Shaped Different Leaders-the good, the bad, and the very ugly-look at wartime leaders.
  • The most Unlikely President or Vice President and Why-make a strong case for who you select.
  • Corruption and the Terms of U.S. Grant-who, what, where, when, and why?
  • Why does America still Use the Antiquated Electoral College for Elections.
  • Has Bill Clinton had a Positive or Negative Impact on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign? Explore this idea and make a decision.
  • Why are so many people attracted/or repelled by Donald Trump
  • Myths and Legends and Thomas Jefferson, separating the fact and fiction and what really matters.
  • Did Hoover do enough to get America out of the Depression and why or why not?
  • The Kennedys-the women, parents, wives, and girlfriends.
  • From kings to a democracy what King George did wrong in Colonial America. And how close was America to losing in the Revolution?
  • Compare and contrast any aspect of two for these leading American men.
  • The most impactful and effective programs implemented by any one person.
  • Should Andrew Jackson be removed from American currency and why or why not?
  • The House of Cards TV version versus the house of cards real version.