A List Of Amazing Political Science Dissertation Topics

There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing a dissertation topic. By the time you need a proposal for your thesis, you have probably learned about some topics but are not sure which one to select. Here is a list of great topics.

  • Class, Gender and Power: Islamic Rivaval in the Middle East. This topic addresses recent events in the Middle East.
  • Modern National Identity: Its Role for State-Building in India. National identity is an exciting topic, and one can choose to write about India because of its diversity.
  • Political Participation of Women inTurkey and Egypt. Turkey and Egypt are fast-changing countries, where women play a larger social and political role.
  • Ethnicity, Conflict and Terrorism in East Africa. The countries of East Africa are a good choice if you would like to research the proliferation of conflict and terrorism.
  • Neo-liberal Capitalism and Local Development: The Role of Cities. Cities are becoming the centers of economic growth and community activism globally. This is an exciting topic to research and write about.
  • Political and Social Development in South India. One can adddress the political and social aspects of development in this region of India, or choose a single state for a more focused paper.
  • Political Engagement of Rural Communities Through E-governnance. How do rural communities participate in politics? Choose this topic if you think electronic governance is the solution.
  • Changing Forms of Governance in the European Union. With so many changes in local and regional politics, European Union is a hot topic.
  • International Governance and its Norms Guiding Warfare. International humanitarian law is still relevant for modern rules on waging a war.
  • The Politics of Economic Growth in China. China is an intresting region to write about, and this topic allows you to address its fast-paced economic development.
  • Global Competitition and the Knowledge State: Comparative Study of Great Britain and the European Union.This topic has many aspects like competition between states and the role of knowledge in this competition.
  • U.S. - China Relations in the Post-Communist Epoch. These powers have strong economic ties—making their relations into a great topic.
  • Interest Groups and Elites: Democratic Transitions in Turkey and Egypt. Turkey and Egypt are the most researched countries in the region. Do not dismiss them when choosing a topic.

Choose a topic that you are familiar with and would like to know more about and avoid the topics that cannot be covered within a limited timeframe. If you have a good topic and follow the directions for writing a great disseration paper, there is no reason to doubt that you will be successful in competing your degree.