PhD Thesis Topics About Education: How To Come Up With Original One?

Becoming a doctor of education is likely to be a very proud moment in your life. The only way to get there is to finish your studies, however and that requires that you write a dissertation or thesis. Here are some ideas that can help you find a really original one.

  • Do overt participant observation at a school
  • If you plan to do this, make sure that you have permission from the administrators and parents. If you don’t people may get the wrong idea about why you are there and you might have to leave in handcuffs. Look around the classrooms, the playgrounds and anywhere else you’re allowed and try to think up something that might work.

  • Interview a student
  • This can be an extension of the first idea but it deserves to be looked at thoroughly on its own. If you can talk to a student without getting scripted answers you will get a glimpse of what school is really like to them. They may have noticed something that you could not in your short visit. A worthwhile idea might be hiding right there in plain sight.

  • Interview a teacher
  • Teachers are often overworked and not compensated anywhere near adequately financially. To get a better idea of how true this is, it helps to actually speak to one or two of them. Compile some good questions in advance and try to sample a significant number of teachers so that your results are valid.

  • Read the latest journals
  • If you don’t have the time to do all the leg work yourself, read up on the latest journals about and for educators. There’s bound to be something relevant inside of those pages.

  • Incorporate aspects from other fields like Psychology
  • Education is full of elements from other fields. If you aren’t sure where to go within the field, borrow from outside of it and see how you can make whatever you’ve taken fit. It’s a great way to be original.

  • Consider your own educational issues
  • Most students have had at least one pet peeve In all of their years of schooling. If you’re really going for that PhD, this is your chance to right the wrongs of your past.

If you try them all you’re bound to make great progress.